Better Practice with Shae™

Shae™ provides you with a 100% evidence-based medical insights platform so you can take better care of your clients and spend your time on results not research.

Become a Trained Professional

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    The free online course validates you as a Coach, enabling you to use Shae™ as a tool with your clients with a base level of education.

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    Access to the Coaching panel is gained through attending the Mastery Series: the 3-day intensive workshop to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills to coach as a Certified Coach for Shae™.

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    Additional training is available to gain further merit and recognition through the Health Professional Network and member base.

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Professional Support is at Hand

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Show me the Evidence

As a Health Professional, it is important to understand the many scienctific layers involved in Shae. Visit the tech page here for a simple overview of the research, evidence and cases using Shae™ and ph360™, the engine behind the Shae™ Suite.

How Do I Get Started?

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Sign up as an independent Coach to give your clients immediate access to Shae™ through your unique affiliate link, earning commissions and transforming lives. Sign Up Now

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Become a Certified Coach by attending the Mastery Series workshop and gain access to the Coaching Platform to significantly enhance your understanding of the client in front of you. Search Workshop Dates

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Expand your knowledge and your horizons while you enjoy the company of like-minded Health Professionals shifting the paradigm of health in the global Shae™ community. Join Shae Community