An introduction to Shae™

Meet Shae™ – Your Super Intelligent Virtual Health Assistant

How Shae™ Works

Learn how Shae™ works it’s impressive science based precision health algorithm to completely personalize each users profile, making health easy and simple for everyone.

The Story Behind Shae™

Matt Riemann, CEO and Founder of Shae™ tells how Shae™ was conceptualized, including how his personal health issues prompted his journey with Shae™.

A Day in the Life of Shae™

Follow Shae™ around for a day and see what Shae™ sees; different users profiles, what Shae™ users ask for and what Shae™ provides* in real-time.

Shae's Mission and Vision

Matt Riemann, CEO and Founder, discusses Shae’s mission and vision; what Shae™ will do for humanity, and how Shae™ will assist to make every users life to be healthier and happier.

Shae™ - Your Virtual Health Assistant

Long description video of how Shae™ – Your Virtual Health Assistant fits simply into every day life.

Introducing Shae™ by ph360 - Vision Video

Short descriptive video of full featured Shae™ including environmental alerts, health management, stress reduction, and more.