An introduction to Shae™

Meet Shae™ – Your Intelligent Virtual Health Assistant and what it can do for humanity

How Shae™ Works

Learn how Shae™ works it’s impressive science based precision health algorithm to completely personalize each users profile, making health easy and simple for everyone.

Getting Started with Shae™

Learn how you can be set up in less than 30mins, with no invasive testing and have your own personal profile, unique to you! Now you can navigate your own personal health code for ultimate health and happiness.

A Day in the Life of Shae™

Follow Shae™ around for a day and see what Shae™ sees; different users profiles, what Shae™ users ask for and what Shae™ provides* in real-time.

The Story Behind Shae™

Matt Riemann, CEO and Founder of Shae™ tells how Shae™ was conceptualized, including how his personal health issues prompted his journey with Shae™.

Shae™ - Your Virtual Health Assistant

Long description video of how Shae™ – Your Virtual Health Assistant fits simply into every day life.

Shae's Mission and Vision

Matt Riemann, CEO and Founder, discusses Shae’s mission and vision; what Shae™ will do for humanity, and how Shae™ will assist to make every users life to be healthier and happier.

Introducing Shae™ - Vision Video

Short descriptive video of full featured Shae™ including environmental alerts, health management, stress reduction, and more.

Exploring Shae™ AI

Take a tour with Co-Founder Bex to see how Shae’s advanced AI is bringing precision medicine to the layperson via a simple feature-rich interface.