Now You’ve Got it Covered

Shae™ is the app specially designed to help you and your Health Professional create and manage your new lifestyle habits. 

Driven by AI and precision health tech, Shae is personalised precisely for your unique body. Combined with the direct connection to your coach, Shae’s unique insight helps you receive world-class care and support. 

Shae™ is Not Just Another App

Shae™ uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to provide you with timely, relevant and personalized information, inspiration and motivation to accomplish all that you want and more.


Precision tools and insight tailored specifically for your body available at your fingertips 24/7.


Kick illness to the curb before it even happens with the support of Shae adn your Coach..


Discover future health risks and incorporate preventative lifestyle habits for vital longevity.


Direct connection to your Coach helps keep you both on the same page, 24 hours a day.


Speaking your mind and love languages, Shae ‘gets’ who you are and supports you where you need it.


Unlimited updates so you and your Coach can always choose from the best options.

You’re on the Go, Your Health Should Be Too

 Life is always changing and Shae™ keeps pace. Shae™ calculates real-time solutions in every moment. Don’t try to be the healthiest version of you…. Just Be It.

Accessible. Affordable. Simple to use.

.Add Shae™ to your connected device to create and manage your new lifestyle habits.

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Taking Care of You

You stay connected with your health and your Coach, wherever you are in the world. Updates to your location, climate, and through your wearables give you and your Coach all you need to keep your lifestyle habits up to date and effective.

Just Another Health App? Far from it.

Shae™ helps you and your coach to support your unique body 100% of the time. From the moment you wake until you rest your weary head, and even as you sleep.

It’s time to Conect with Shae

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