What Is a Digital Twin?

Imagine having a virtual avatar that not only looks like you but also understands you deeply—your biological, psychological, and lifestyle intricacies. Shae.ai Digital Twin is your personal digital replica, a complete virtual representation of you, created using cutting-edge technology that analyzes your data through a simple bioscan performed with your smartphone camera. 

It’s not just an avatar; it’s a holistic digital version of you, designed to truly understand you and enhance your life—allowing you to feel seen, heard, understood, loved, and valued, all while being informed, empowered, guided and celebrated!

What Can My
Digital Twin Do?

Your Shae.ai Digital Twin offers a truly personal guide across all aspects of your life:

Mental Wellness

Understand how your mind works and get personalized strategies to boost your focus, productivity, and mental health through AI-driven meditation, mindfulness, and more.


Discover the best times and types of exercise for you, whether it’s strength training, cardio, yoga, or pilates, get crafted workouts/plans to fit your body’s preferences and goals.

Social Interactions

Gain insights on who to connect with or avoid to enhance happiness and reduce stress, along with fun facts about your social behaviors and personalized tips for social success.

Personal Strengths & Enjoyment

Explore your innate talents, the activities you naturally enjoy, and your optimal daily schedule based on your natural biorhythms.


Get tailored food recommendations, meal plans, and recipes that cater exclusively to your body’s needs. Learn not just what to eat, but when and why, optimizing your nutrition for health and vitality.


Receive personalized advice on when to sleep and wake, along with tips and routines to enhance the quality of your rest and feel rejuvenated every day.

Environmental Influence

Find out how different environments impact your health, discover the best places and times for vacation, and learn the optimal climates for your well-being.

Stress Management

Learn to identify, manage, and prevent stress with strategies designed specifically for your psychological makeup, experienced in real-time.

Why do I Want a Digital Twin?

Embrace a life where every decision is informed and every choice is optimized for your unique self. The Shae.ai Digital Twin acts as your personal champion—guiding, supporting, celebrating, and rewarding you as you navigate through life’s challenges and joys.

Proactive Health Management

Stay ahead of potential health issues with predictive insights

Customized Life Recommendations

Receive advice and recommendations that are uniquely suited to your biology and lifestyle

Mental and Physical Well-being

Leverage data-driven guidance to improve all aspects of your life

Cutting-edge Tech Experience

Be at the forefront of digital innovation, utilizing technology that adapts to your personal needs

How Do I Try it?

Getting started with your digital twin is easy:

1. Sign Up Below to enjoy instant access
2. Download the Shae: Virtual Health Assistant App
3. Complete Your Scan with quick and easy instructions to capture your avatar
4. Meet Your Digital Twin

Start interacting and receiving personalized guidance immediately!

Why We Created It

It’s our mission to empower unique individuals with the knowledge, support and tools to transform their lives, no matter where they’re at. It’s why we are here on planet earth. We are here to help you. And your other 8 billion brothers and sisters.

After 20 years of pioneering the field of human intelligence, Shae.ai is now live in 140+ countries, trusted and endorsed by doctors, and used by some of the most influential people and organizations all around the world. We are all about helping humans live better lives. And all proceeds go back into developing technology for humanity. So come say hi, we’d love to meet you and impact your life!

How Does It Work?


Simply use your smartphone camera to take a comprehensive, secure bioscan.


Our AI delves deep into your avatar, mapping out your unique biological and psychological landscape, and deciphering complex neuro-endocrine-immune and bio-psycho-social lifestyle metrics that can help transform your health and life.


You get to meet your Digital Twin—your intelligent, intuitive AI companion whose sole reason for existing is to understand your unique needs across all the realms of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health to support and steward your ultimate experience of health, happiness, and complete well-being.

Who is it For?

Whether you’re a busy professional, a health enthusiast, or simply someone curious about personal optimization, your digital twin is ready and waiting to transform your life!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Join us at the forefront of personalized health and happiness technology. Sign up now to explore a world tailored just for you, and start your journey towards a fuller, more vibrant life!

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